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Individual and Group Mental Health Coaching

Facilitated by Certified Professionals

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Licensed Therapist Trailblazers
Jeanette Gurr, LPC, CPCS Licensed in GA. Utilizes CBT
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Jeanette Gurr, LPC CPCS

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Mr. Ehrig is licensed in CA and utilizes a number of modalities including play therapy

Michael Ehrig, LMFT

How It Works

Group Coaching | Individual Coaching | Workshops

Virtual coaching that allows you to safely express yourself and prepare you for success.

  • Social Anxiety

  • Stress Management

  • Family and Friend Relationships

  • Marriage and Couples

  • Building Resilience

  • Self Care Strategies

Age Requirement | 13+*

Our virtual mental health coaching services include using carefully crafted virtual spaces which you join with a created avatar that represents your true self. We offer scheduled group coaching workshop sessions, specialized group coaching and select individual coaching which are all facilitated by certified professionals. Your mental health professional joins you with their avatar in the virtual space. Kick traditional tele-coaching to the side with sessions built to effectively teach and help you do better in life!

Personalized group coaching consists of 5-6 person sessions available under 2 monthly subscription programs. This includes our starter pack or our standard pack. Once you fill out our coaching assessment you'll be placed in a compatible group with your mental health professional. A schedule will be provided to you for available session days and times. Once the group is ready to begin sessions and payment is received, you'll begin your transformative journey! 

VR Headset
My first coaching experience sold me. The immersive aspect made me feel comfortable sharing my true thoughts and feelings. Oftentimes, these conversations can be tough to have due to embarrassment or other barriers that prevent people from sharing true emotions. I think Plutonic does a fantastic job eliminating these barriers while providing a fully present experience.

Jake, Plutonic User

Plutonic Mental Health Coaching

Individual and group coaching that allows you to safely express yourself and prepare you for success.


Research shows cognitive behavioral therapy using virtual spaces and avatars facilitated by licensed mental health professionals can be just as effective as therapy in real life.

Safely Express Your True Feelings

Research shows the numerous benefits of using an avatar in a virtual environment. Digital representations of you can create a sense of comfort and allow you to safely express your feelings and experiences. One Australian study found that over 25% of people prefer to speak about negative experiences during therapy in virtual reality versus face to face.

Stay Engaged

Tired of standard virtual therapy and meetings? We all are. Studies show we are more actively engaged and better retain information in immersive environments.


Individual and Group Coaching

Coaching with a certified professional that allows you to safely express yourself, overcome challenges, and prepare you for success.

Current Accessibility

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Age Requirement


Individual and Group Coaching Focus Areas

Stress Management


Building Resilience

Social Anxiety



Coaching Session Themes
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Video Games



*13-17 Years Old Parental Consent Required

Sign Up With Our Top Mental Health Professionals

Navigating the complexities of mental health can be a challenging journey, but it becomes significantly more manageable when you have the best mental health professionals at your service. Our team comprises the most skilled and compassionate therapists, relationship coaches, and counselors, each dedicated to providing personalized care and support. Our mental health professionals are trained to effectively deliver cutting edge telehealth services utilizing virtual spaces. 

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Michael Ehrig, LMFT

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Mr. Ehrig received his undergraduate degree in psychology and his master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of La Verne. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and has years of experience working in diverse populations and environments such as school settings, community mental health, and private practice. Additionally, his integration of technology into psychotherapy has led to unique opportunities to write, present, and train therapists domestically and internationally. 

Coaching Themes

  • Video Games

  • Traditional

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Jeanette Gurr, LPC CPCS

avatar jeanette gurr.png

Jeanette is licensed in Georgia with 20 years of professional work experience. She specializes in helping clients with stress and anxiety, trauma and abuse, motivation, self esteem, confidence, & depression. Her belief is in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion.

Coaching Themes

  • Traditional

Select Group Workshops

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Session Calendar

July 2024

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  • What does immersive mental health services mean?
    Immersive means being a part of a different environment than your normal day to day life. Immersive mental health services include using curated virtual spaces in environments such as justly realistic and therapeutic beach, forest and other environments to receive therapy and/or coaching services. We build virtual safe spaces and our services are evidence based. Immersive also means entering a virtual space with an avatar that you control that represents your true self.
  • What does our services not cover?
    Our services are not right for you if any of the following is true to you: -You are a minor. -You are in an urgent crisis or an emergency situation. -You do not have the right device and internet connection to receive services. -You were required to undergo some form of therapy services by another authority or a court provided order. -You are seeking medication. -You are in state that we do not cover for therapy.
  • How much does our services cost?
    Therapy The cost of therapy can range from $60-$120 per session. Sessions can be 30-60 minutes long. We bill either every 4 weeks under a subscription program or by each session and costs vary based on your location, preferences, type of virtual space, device requirements, therapist availability and promotions. Mental health and relationship coaching Group coaching services are offered under subscription plans. 1. 2 sessions per month package for $45 per month 2. 4 session per month package for $80 per month. Individual coaching can range from $30-$60 per session. We also have group workshops available throughout the year that vary in pricing. Each session is 30-45 minutes long. Costs can vary based on your location, preferences, type of virtual space, device requirements, coaching availability and promotions.
  • Who are the mental health professionals?
    For therapy we only use licensed professionals. Mental health professionals are licensed and accredited psychologists (PhD / PsyD), licensed clinical social workers (LCSW/LMSW), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), or licensed professional counselors (LPC). Everyone has a Masters Degree or a Doctorate Degree, and have been certified by their state's professional board. We only use mental health professionals for our therapy and coaching services. We also go a step further. Our provided professionals are trained to use new technology. They have their own made avatars that represents themselves and embrace immersive mental health services and virtual spaces to efficiently facilitate sessions. We go through training with all our provided professionals to ensure they provide the best service possible.
  • Can I get reimbursed by my insurance?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to accept insurance at the moment.
  • Can I be anonymous?
    This is a true benefit to using our services. You are able to sign up for sessions using an anonymous nickname. What a mental health professional sees or peers (group coaching) is your avatar and your nickname. When you start actual therapy, we do ask for your contact information for emergency situations i.e. if your therapist believes you or someone else is in danger. Your therapist can also request additional information about you when required by the licensing board. All data for therapy is protected by confidentiality requirements.


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