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Evidence Based Teletherapy Services

Safely Express Yourself and Get the Support You Need

How It Works

Individual Therapy | Coaching 

Our services include using carefully crafted virtual spaces which you join with your avatar. Individual therapy and mental health coaching are facilitated by licensed mental health professionals. Your selected mental health professional joins you with their avatar in the virtual space. We also provide therapy in traditional formats. 

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Group Coaching session in Plutonic custom virtual space
individual coaching or therapy in plutonic custom virtual space

Talk Therapy

Group Coaching

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Why Plutonic?

Plutonic's evidence based telehealth services empower you to level up your mental health

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Safely Express Your Feelings 

Research shows the numerous benefits of using an avatar in a virtual environment. Digital representations of you can create a sense of comfort and allow you to safely express your feelings and experiences. One Australian study found that over 25% of people prefer to speak about negative experiences during therapy in virtual reality versus face to face.¹

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Effectively Address Your Needs

Research shows virtual interactive spaces for counseling can be just as effective as in person counseling. Studies also show cognitive behavioral therapy using virtual spaces with your digital self facilitated by licensed mental health professionals can be just as effective as therapy in real life.² 

Stay Actively Engaged

Tired of standard virtual therapy and meetings? We all are. Studies show we are more actively engaged and better retain information in immersive environments.

Join a Supportive Community

There is healing power in the numbers. Our growing community is a great place to connect with other people, build relationships and get the support you need to help improve your life.


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Teletherapy that allows you to safely express your feelings and get the support you need.

Age Requirement 

Current Focus Areas

Current Accessibility

Eligible in the States   


Anxiety, Depression, Relationships

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Mental Health Coaching

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Immersive group and individual mental health coaching 

Age Requirement 

Current Accessibility


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*13-17 years old, parental consent required

Our Care Team


Plutonic is an immersive mental health services and technology company started by a team of mental health, technology and gaming experts. Plutonic is democratizing immersive mental health services to improve organizations, individuals and families. 


James Shu, 

Founder and CEO

1X Exit. 2X Founder. Mental health advocate. Avid developer, hardcore gamer and virtual worlds user. 

Justin E.png

Justin L. Enggasser, Ph.D.

Lead Clinical Advisor 

Justin Enggasser, Ph.D. is an Instructor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and Clinical Director of the Intensive Alcohol & Drug Addiction Program of Treatment (I-ADAPT) at VA Boston Healthcare System. Dr. Enggasser is a clinician-scientist focused on developing and testing novel technology-based clinical applications to augment treatment delivery and improve access to care. Much of his work has involved translating cognitive behavioral clinical interventions to digital applications. He previously served as a Global Clinical Lead for Addiction at Pear Therapeutics, a biotechnology company that built and disseminated the first FDA-approved digital therapeutic for addiction. He has published research in several major scientific journals, and is a co-creator of VetChange, a digital therapeutic designed for U.S. military veterans experiencing post-deployment problems related to alcohol use and posttraumatic stress disorder. Dr. Enggasser is a licensed psychologist in the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Clinical Advisor Dr Amy Ahn

Amy Ahn, PhD

Mental Health Clinical Advisor

Dr. Ahn received her undergraduate degree in human development from Cornell University, and her master’s degree and Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of Miami. Dr. Ahn has expertise in leveraging automated measurement tools to conduct quantitative research on young children’s socio-emotional development, including social communication in children with autism spectrum disorder. Her current research focuses on using a mixed-methods approach to develop, refine, and implement an evidence-based, indicated prevention program to better fit the needs of teens who have anxiety and depressive symptoms, and/or other emotional concerns in racially- and culturally-diverse high school settings. 

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Jeanette Gurr, LPC CPCS

Therapy Provider

Jeanette is licensed in Georgia with 20 years of professional work experience. Specializing in trauma and abuse, stress and anxiety, motivation, self-esteem, confidence, and depression, Jeanette is dedicated to creating a safe space for you to explore your inner self, discover your strengths, and reclaim your life. As an LGBTQ+ ally, she is experienced and comfortable working with a wide range of challenges, including severe and persistent mental health diagnoses, addiction, young adults, and couples.

michael ehrig bio.png

Michael Ehrig, LMFT

Clinical Advisor & Therapy Provider

Mr. Ehrig received his undergraduate degree in psychology and his master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of La Verne. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and has years of experience working in diverse populations and environments such as school settings, community mental health, and private practice. 


1. Realistic Motion Avatars are the Future for Social Interaction in Virtual Reality
2. Comparing counseling outcome for college students. Treatment of social anxiety disorder using online virtual environments in Second Life.
3. Some avatars are from ReadyPlayerMe.
4. Some virtual spaces are hosted on 3rd party platforms

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