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Improve Your Mental Health To Start The New Years! Up to 30% Off!


Betwixt: The Story of You

Individuals or Small Teams

-Self-service for a quick start.
​-Available only on mobile.
-Download instructions provided after purchase. 
5% OFF
2 to 10 people:     10% off
11 to 25 people:   15% off
26 to 50 people:    20% off
51 to 100 people:  25% off

Be Resilient and Emotionally Fit 

Individuals or Teams

Recommended for 2-25 people

Self service for a quick start.


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Headphones Recommended

How It Works


Betwixt is a theory-driven, user-centeric app that promotes healthy emotion processing and regulation through a novel interactive experience. In the story, you find yourself in a strange frozen world that responds to your emotions and makes real what you think. Your mission is to find your way out but in order to do so, you must first learn to see yourself clearly. A mysterious guide, known only as the voice, helps you navigate the surreal surroundings and search within yourself for clarity and self-insight. Interactions with the voice happen through pre-defined choices and open-ended prompts, and have been designed to maximise reflection and agency while providing guidance and comfort.

The experience consists of 11 chapters covering the key pillars of self-awareness. A large body of research links self-awareness to deeper personal relationships; better job performance, career advancement and leadership skills; more effective parenting; increased creativity; higher self-esteem; better decision-making, communications skills, and much more.



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