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1 City. 2 Realities.

Teams: Recommended for 2-50 people

Self-service for smaller teams and organizations with seamless integration and a quick start.

Available only on PC/Desktop
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2 to 10 seats: 5% off
11 to 25 seats: 10% off
26 to 100 seats: 15% off
101-1000 seats: 20% off

Make Diversity & Inclusion Central to Your Company’s Values


Recommended for 2-50 people

Self service for smaller teams and businesses for a quick start.


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Getting Started is as easy as 1.2.3.

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How It Works

1 City. 2 Realities is a virtual experience and is accessible on any modern computer from a Chrome or Firefox web browser. Experiencing through VR hardware is optional. You will be utilizing metaverse technology that allows you to embody an avatar and move 3-dimentionally throughout space similar to a video game. Alike to being in a real life exhibition, the intention is to use this unique virtual medium to provides team with content in an engaging way and create a forum for discussion around this critical topic. Each virtual room can comfortably host 50 individuals for social interaction at a time.


The experience consists of three parts:

1 City. 2 Realities. Virtual Exhibition: A self guided tour of 1 City. 2 Realities. Similar to an in real life exhibition, this space presents videos, data, images, photographs and audio clips one may explore and reflect at their own pace. This space is open and available for individuals to visit anytime. If someone would like to meet up with other participants for live discussion, they can coordinate a time to meet right in the virtual exhibition space.

Virtual Reflection Board: Once someone has explored the entire exhibition, they can participate in the virtual reflection board. These anonymous reflections will help one reflect on the experience and will also allow one to observe the reflections from others in their community and workplace.

Facilitated Discussion (Optional): Set up instructions with details on how to join a live facilitated video chat session(s) for colleagues.



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