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Teams: Recommended for 3-25 people

Self-service for smaller teams and organizations with seamless integration and a quick start.

Oculus Quest 2 VR device required.
Paid Up Front Annually 
per device, per month, $36 annually*
Paid Monthly
per device, per month*
Additional Discounts
11 to 25 people: 15% off
25 to 50 people: 20% off
50 to 100 people: 25% off
100+ people: 30% off
*excluding VR device costs

Have a Resilient and Emotionally Fit Organization


Recommended for 2-25 people

Self service for smaller teams and businesses for a quick start.


Full content access
Plutonic live stream events and webinars
Plutonic engagement resources
Account management

Health and well-being advisory session

How to Get Started

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Determine the number of participants.

Determine the number of virtual reality headsets (if applicable).

Submit Request. Advisor will respond shortly with further details. 

How It Works

ZenVR™ is a meditation curriculum taught in Virtual Reality that combines the structure and teachings of real-world classes in the practice of meditation with the immersion of VR. With progressive lessons taught by world-class instructors, you can learn the basics of meditation and a variety of mental and physical techniques you can use to improve your performance, focus, and mindfulness.

ZenVR™ is validated through studies at The Georgia Institute of Technology and is proven to increase mindfulness, reduce stress and equip individuals with tools that can be used in their daily lives. 

The experience consists of 8 lessons covering the key pillars of zen meditation. 


System Requirements ​


Oculus Quest 1 or 2 virtual reality device



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