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Steps of Privilege

Teams: Recommended for 2-50 people

Available with Plutonic DEI advisory.

Oculus Quest 2 VR device required.
2 to 10 people: 10% off
11 to 25 people: 15% off
26 to 50 people: 20% off
51 to 100 people: 25% off

Make Diversity & Inclusion Central to Your Company’s Values


Recommended for 2-50 people

Self service for smaller teams and businesses for a quick start.


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How to Get Started

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Determine the number of participants.

Determine the number of virtual reality headsets (if applicable).

Submit Request. Advisor will respond shortly with further details. 

How It Works

Steps of Privilege is an interactive VR experience that provides a brave space to explore the nuances of privilege and foster the discussion around diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I). ​Steps of Privilege is one of the world's first DE&I-focused VR experiences and can be experienced both as a standalone DE&I training tool or integrated into an organization's DE&I initiatives.


Participants listen to 20 statements read by a moderator and physically move forward or backward if the statement applies to them. For example, If you studied the culture of your ancestors in elementary school, take one step forward, and so on. This exercise provides participants with a unique opportunity to understand and reflect on the intricacies of their own privilege in a safe and judgment-free environment, while not exploiting the stories of others.​


Becoming aware of privilege should not be viewed as a source of guilt or a burden but rather an opportunity to learn and be responsible to work toward a more inclusive workplace and society. ​


Device Compatibility: Supports Oculus Quest 2



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