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Improve Your Mental Health To Start The New Years! Up to 30% Off!

VR Goggles


Virtual spaces built to support your mental health

A Mental Health Focused Metaverse

Mental health could not matter more in our modern social media driven society. Plutonic has created a metaverse space focused exclusively for those that care about their mental health. No one has to go through life's challenges alone.   



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Peer to Peer Support Area: Facilitated by psychology experts, peer support is proven to help improve social functioning, empowerment, quality of life and reduce anxiety.   


Learning Area: Learn about the fundamentals of improving mental health such as improving resiliency, emotion regulation and emotional intelligence.


Mindfulness Area: Take a step back and come into the present moment.

Why Immersive Mental Health Therapy and Support?

We need content and spaces that actually help improve our mental health, not destroy it. A mental health focused metaverse does just that.      


Accessibility: Our spaces can be accessed from your mobile device, computer and/or a virtual reality headset. With a wifi connection and a device, anyone can get the opportunity to participate in our inclusive community. 

Safe Space: Research shows the numerous benefits of using an avatar in a virtual environment. Digital representations of you can protect your real life identity and create a sense of comfort. One Australian study found that over 25% of people prefer to speak about negative experiences in virtual reality versus face to face.  To add, another U.S. based study showed how utilizing an avatar character with mental illness reduced negative stigma surrounding mental illness.

Community: There is healing power in the numbers. Our growing community is a great place to connect with other people, build relationships and get the support you need to help improve your life. 

More Engagement: Tired of standard virtual therapy and meetings? We all are. Studies show we are more actively engaged and retain information better in immersive environments. 





Event Details

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Virtual Reality

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7PM Eastern Time

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Mental Health


18+ Years Old

Thanks for registering! Please check your inbox for our gathering details.

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Who We Are

Plutonic is a digital health and technology company started by a team of healthcare, technology and gaming experts. Plutonic is democratizing metaverses and gamified content to improve organizations and people's lives. We provide a marketplace of content solutions to effectively address mental health and training needs. 

Your Experienced Host Team

James Shu, CCWS

Plutonic Founder and CEO

Avid gamer and metaverse user. Experienced healthcare and technology entrepreneur. 1X Exit. 2X Founder. Living in the metaverse since 2004.

I’ve seen through family and personal experiences how the mind can be a double edged sword. I’m no stranger to mental health challenges as my father suffers from Schizophrenia, and my aunt took her own life. I always turned to online communities and without finding ways to improving my mental health and become resilient, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I know there are millions of us out there that want to live better, longer and have better relationships. I hope this space can be a stepping stone to that.

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Amy Ahn, PhD

Mental Health Clinical Advisor

Dr. Ahn received her undergraduate degree in human development from Cornell University, and her master’s degree and Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of Miami. Dr. Ahn has expertise in leveraging automated measurement tools to conduct quantitative research on young children’s socio-emotional development, including social communication in children with autism spectrum disorder. Her current research focuses on using a mixed-methods approach to develop, refine, and implement an evidence-based, indicated prevention program to better fit the needs of teens who have anxiety and depressive symptoms, and/or other emotional concerns in racially- and culturally-diverse high school settings. 

1.  Realistic Motion Avatars are the Future for Social Interaction in Virtual Reality
2. Reducing Mental Health Stigma  Through Identification With Video  Game Avatars With Mental Illness
3. PWC soft skills training study.



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